Military Equipment

With over fifty years of history supplying a vast selection of military equipment to the armed services and civilians throughout the UK, The Camp Shop is the retailer to choose when only the best will do. Situated at the cross roads inside Sennybridge Army Camp, The Camp Shop supplies essential information that they services require both on and off the range.

As a trusted family-run business The Camp Shop continually updates its product list to cater for the changing requirements of our customers. However, despite the evolution in the military equipment that The Camp Shop stocks, one thing has never changed over the multi-generational shop, and that is our dedication to customer service.

Here at The Camp Shop we supply a range of military equipment. From ammo and utility pouches to portable cooking stoves, and military equipment clothing, we can deploy a number of superior military equipment items sure to reach you in a timely and efficient manner.

A prime example of the military equipment and military accessories that The Camp Shop is able to supply are our Web Tex Double Ammo Pouches. These Thatchreed double ammo pouches can be mounted on either the left or right hand side and are sold complete with two double stitched belt loops for permanent fitting onto the belt. These military equipment Thatchreed double ammo pouches have two D utility cup rings at the top of the pouch for easy lock tie. In addition they also feature a choice of fastening applications, from Velcro for the quick discharge of spare magazines or a quick release buckle to keep the pouches closed. These military equipment pouches are as functional as they are affordable, with a retail cost of just twelve pounds and twelve pence.

If you’d like to browse our complete selection of military equipment then simply come and visit our website at:

Military equipment is supplied by us with a fantastic range, we are sure we have everything to suit your needs. offers military accessories as well- visit our website to see our selection!

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