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In India, property crimes outnumber violent crimes. According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report, citizens in India suffered losses of Rs 33,923 crore in property and valuables stolen through dacoity, burglary, theft, cheating, robbery, criminal breach of trust and other related offenses between 2010 and 2012.

It’s crucial that in any home, your family and your costly possessions are always effectively protected. Becoming the victim of a burglary can be distressing and expensive, but luckily, there are many security agencies available to people that can help reduce the risk of something like this happening. There are many cities that are not safe like Bihar, Mumbai, but the Capital is the most unsecure place to live in. Residential Security Guards Delhi is essential for ensuring your family’s peace of mind. Moreover, you can also take an initiative to keep your house safe from intruders. There’s much more that you can do.

Don’t publicize your absence-
Keep your things such as sports equipment, bicycles inside. If you keep your assets outside, thieves may start to speculate what you have inside.

If you are travelling-
Whenever, you are on a long trip, notify a neighbor or friend about your vacation and ask them to keep a watchful eye on your house.

Lock your vehicle while it’s in the parking area-
Always lock your vehicle when it’s parked in front of your house.

Lock your windows-
A common entry point for thieves is a window at the side or rear of your house. Keep them locked or keep an eye if it’s open.

Absolute Services on Your Rescue:

Your safety is their priority. They have highly trained staff who are equipped to deal with any residential security issues. They have the best security solutions customized to meet the needs of the residential sector. The primary goal of their security guard is to monitor and act when properties are at a potential risk. Their main focus is to protect your valuable assets. You can leave your security fears in our hands. We have the experience and the technical know how to deal with any client’s issue. Started in 1986, Absolute Security Services has provided their clients in the North & Central India with the most reliable security services at unbeatable prices for over 25 years. They maintain to provide many homes with safe & secure protection.

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