I Want to Obtain an FFL-How Do I Get an FFL License

The US Constitutional Second Amendment calling for the right to bear arms allows for individuals to obtain an FFL through the FFL application process. The second amendment was included in the original Bill of Rights as a means of ensuring that individuals should not fall under the hand of uncontrolled power inflicted by the government. There are however certain requirements an individual must meet in order to be eligible to obtain an FFL and exercise their right to bear arms.

The FFL licensure process does therefore allow for the Federal government to have some control over who is allowed to bear arms and obtain, manufacture or sell firearms and ammunition. If you aspire to get an FFL and exercise your right to bear arms the following are four elements of the FFL application process you should be sure to abide by in order to avoid problems when you decide to get an FFL license.

1. Individuals wishing to obtain an FFL must state clearly in the application process what it is that they intend to do once they have obtained their FFL license. There are nine different forms of the FFL license which individuals can apply for each of which reflects varying intentions and purposes. If you are a gun collector and wish to obtain an FFL so you can import firearms and ammunition you will apply for a different form of an FFL license than an individual looking to operate a pawnshop and buy and sell firearms to the public. When you get an FFL you must also specify what types of firearms and ammunition you aspire to deal with. Dealing with destructive devices or armor piercing ammunition requires a different type of FFL than type 1 firearms.

2. If you want to obtain an FFL so that you can operate a business dealing with firearms and ammunition you must firstly ensure that your business meets all the zoning regulations and laws within your community. Every community has different and unique types of business zoning laws and regulations. If your business does not firstly meet the zoning requirements and laws of your community you will not be able to get an FFL to operate a firearms or ammunition business in that area.

3. The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms have further regulations regarding the storage and display of firearms and ammunition which must be met if you want to obtain an FFL. Typically, if you wish to open a gun shop or sell firearms on your business premise you must first pass an on-site interview where a representative of the Federal Bureau of Firearms will inspect the security of your business and how you store and display firearms and ammunition. If you cannot pass the Federal Bureau of Firearms inspection you will not be able to get an FFL license.

4. When you decide to submit the application to obtain an FFL you should take great care to ensure that every element of the FFL license application has been filled out correctly and completely. It is a requirement that you include fingerprints of all individuals included within the application and that all questions are answered truthfully. If an error is found in your FFL license application the process of obtaining an FFL can become lengthy and difficult. Some minor mistakes on your application could require that you go through an appeal process and any false information could permanently ban you from applying to get an FFL.

If you consider the above four elements when applying to obtain an FFL you can ensure that the application process is trouble-free and easily obtain an FFL license for you or your business.

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