Security Guards Should Carry Stun Batons Like The Stun Gun Flashlight

The job of security guard is one that is often underappreciated and undervalued. These people, although often found sitting alone with not much to do, are often the first, last and only line of defense that a business has in protecting their personal property. If an intruder should illegally enter privately secured property it is up to the security guard to stop this intruder by any means necessary. Surely these men and women deserve to perform their job with some form of protection but what should that protection be? The vast majority of security guards cannot, and in most cases should not, be armed with firearms and I don’t think I need to get into explaining why that is a bad idea as it should be obvious. So the question is what is a self-defense device that can be carried by security guards that is effective yet relatively safe and of course legal? The answer is a stun gun flashlight. I think these are great devices for just about anyone but they really seem custom made for security guards.

First of all the stun gun flashlight is a solid, extremely well built and sturdy flashlight and I can’t think of too many security guards that couldn’t use a flashlight. It also has an extremely high decibel alarm, great for alerting other security personnel that they might need assistance or for scaring the bejeezus out of any intruders. Lastly, the device is what the name implies, a stun gun. Not just a stun gun but a stun baton which is ultimately more effective than a traditional stun device as it gives the user the advantage of having more reach. This way the security guard doesn’t have to be quite as close to an intruder in order to subdue him.

Stun devices are certainly much safer than many other options for self-defense, like a firearm for example. They are also a much more humane alternative as they do not leave the attacker with any lasting side effects. Stun devices can also be every bit as effective as any option one may have for defending themselves. Some police studies have shown stun batons to be as effective as a 9mm handgun without having to take the life or even seriously injure anyone.

So if you are a security guard, know one or possibly employ one please strongly consider arming them with an effective, humane and legal means of defensing themselves with a stun gun flashlight.

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